Shaving Brushes

How to choose.

Traditional brushes are made from badger hair. Badger is naturally soft and absorb water which provides a creamy lather. Shaving brushes in genuine badger is classified into five stages according to their quality. We recommend a shaving brush in Silvertip if you can afford. Silvertip is the highest quality of all, it is taken from the hair around the neck / throat and assembled by hand. Here you can read more about shaving brushes from genuine badger »

Shaving from pigs' bristles called natural bristles, they are slightly more rigid and provides a rougher peeling, but they have not the same absorption as badger brushes.

The third option is a synthetic shaving brush. Synthetic brushes are soft and often look like a luxurious badger brushe, but they are completely vegan. Shaving brushes made of synthetic materials can not absorb water and therefore can not provide an equally creamy lather.

Care instructions.

Soak your brush in warm water before use and rinse it gently under running water after shaving. Shaving brush should dry with the hairs hanging down, since it retains the shape better and it increases its life length considerably.